Chrysostom Advent 2012: New Series Fourteen

Chrysostom Advent 2012, the Newsletter of the Society of St. John Chrysostom, New Series Volume Fourteen, is now published. It can be downloaded from the page above, marked “Chrysostom”. Many individual items are posted in the main body of the site. Here is the foreword from our Chairman, Fr John Salter:

The relationship between the so-called Islamic East and the so-called Christian West has never been at such a low ebb. The burning of British and American flags by Moslems and attacks on the institutions abroad of the United Kingdom and the U.S.A. and the murder of the American ambassador to Libya, are indicators of how the West is hated in the Islamic states. This places the Christian minorities in these countries in a very parlous state. A multitude of Iraqui Christians fled to Syria after the second Gulf War, but for how much longer will those Christians be safe there? Many are returning to Iraq. The plight of the Copts in Egypt is unenviable. The Arab Spring has seen the descent of Winter on the Christian communities in these territories.

We must be prepared for an influx of Eastern Christians into the United Kingdom in the foreseeable future, for the situation can only worsen. The Afghan situation is far from being resolved and will probably end up in the confusion that envelops Iraq. It will be up to organizations such as our own
Society to offer what help we are able to do, however minute. One has only to look back at the work of one of our most active members, the late Dowager Lady Torphicen, and her work for the Ukrainian refugees to see how one person can achieve so much.

May I draw your attention to the various lectures and meetings of our own and other societies during this autumn.

With all good wishes and prayers for Christmas and the New Year

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