September & October 2023 calendars published

Byzantine calendars for the months of September and October have now been published.

The Society has published the two calendars with details of the saints, readings, and fasting guidelines according to the traditional rule for each day according to the Gregorian calendar and Paschalion.

The Gregorian calendar has been chosen because it is the most astronomically correct currently in use by any Church. Although the solar calculations of the ‘revised’ Julian calendar are actually more accurate, which will lead to the Gregorian calendar falling one day behind on 29 February 2800, its Paschalion or lunar calculations are still calculated according to the ‘old’ Julian calendar, which is currently 13 days behind the Gregorian. Consequently, against the intentions of the Nicæan Fathers, the Julian calculation of Pascha bears no relationship to the actual March Equinox, fixed at 21 March, as this takes place on 3 April.

Furthermore, while the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Kyïv moved from the ‘old’ Julian calendar to the ‘revised’ Julian calendar on 1 September, the Eparchy of the Holy Family of London, with which the Society has intimate ties, made the decision to adopt the Gregorian calendar instead. It will therefore celebrate Pascha on 31 March this year in common with Western Christendom.

We intend to publish a full calendar for the liturgical year of Anno Mundi 7532 (Annus Domini 2023/24) shortly. ✠